The Second Board Meeting of Pax Earth Nepal was successfully held on Saturday 21st March 2009 at the residence of Secretary Mr. Manohar Sapkota Kumarigal, Kathmandu at 5.00PM. The meeting venue had been shifted due to unexpected rainfall in Kathmandu. The meeting was chaired by PEN President Mr. Sujan Koirala. President Mr. Koirala cordially welcomed all Board Members. Then, Secretary Mr. Manohar Sapkota read the minute of the First Board Meeting of PEN held on 21st Feb. 2009 which was passed by all Board members.

The agenda of the meeting were as follows:

1, Discussion on PEJ email regarding i) invitation in Japan and ii) programme schedule for 1-year.
2, Work division and responsibility sharing
3, Membership of new members, and
4, Miscellaneous

The meeting has taken the following decisions:
1, Honouring the invitation of PEJ, the Board unanimously decided to send PEN President Sujan Koirala for Japan. However, regarding the next member, the decision will be taken later if the member can afford to visit by himself.

2, The Board made a decision to extend vote of thanks to Soko-san and other PEJ members who are involved in obtaining funds from Shoyu Club of Japan.

3, Regarding preparation of 1-year programme schedule of PEN, the Board have decided to form some committees for facilitating the planning and implementing. The planning of programme schedule will be done at the earliest.

4, For the effective planning and implement of PEN policy and activities, the Board have formed 10 committees and task forces viz. i, registration committee, ii, environmental committee, iii, educational & health committee, iv, life-skills committee, v, toastmasters committee, vi, by-laws task force, vii, profile making task force, viii, training manual committee, ix, 1-year programme finalisation committee, and x, proposal making committee.

5, Board further made a decision to appoint Board member Harihar Sapkota as PEN Coordinator. He will be responsible for coordinating with the newly formed committees and task forces.

For the time being, the structure of PEN will be as follows:

6. The Board has decided to open new membership of PEN. At present, PEN will provide the membership to those persons who have attended PEN’s First Leadership Development Camp, Toastmasters and general meetings. After the finalisation and approval of by-laws for membership, PEN will give membership accordingly. The Board, however, agreed to keep the members within the range of 30 persons.

7, Miscellaneous:
a. Board member Laxman Bahadur Pahari proposed to open an official email account of PEN. After having discussion, the Board decided to request PEJ to open an official email for PEN with

President thanked all Board members and adjourned the meeting. All 9 Board Members attended the meeting.