A nine members’ Pax IV Hyper team led by Keisuke Uchida visited Nepal during August 28, 2011 and September 15, 2011. The other Pax IV Hyper members were Toshiki Tamagawa, Miho Kaneda, Naoki Yonekawa, Yuma Wakahara, Masaki Nagashima, Megumi Hayashi, Natsuo Mishina and Masanobu Ebisawa. The purpose of their visit was to collaborate with Kantipur Open Rover Crew in Nepal Japan Project 2011. The role of PEN was to extend support and cooperation as and when needed.

On August 28, at 23.00hrs, the Pax IV Hyper team arrived at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu and directly went to Fuji Hotel, Thamel.

On August 29, at 09.00hrs, Pax IV Hyper and PEN members had a joint meeting at Fuji Hotel. On behalf of PEN, President Sujan Koirala warmly welcomed Advisor Mr. Hideaki Miyato and all Pax IV members with a Khadda. Including Advisor Hideaki Miyato, nine Pax IV Hyper members and eleven PEN members, 21 persons attended the meeting. Crew Leader Keisuke shared the activities they are planning to do under Nepal Japan Project 2011. When PEN team asked what kinds of supports and helps Pax IV expects from PEN during this visit, Keisuke put forth two requests:
i) Pax IV Hyper members want to inspect Pax Earth’s education mission in Kavrepalanchok on September 9, 2011, and
ii) Pax IV Hyper members want PEN to management their Pokhara sightseeing trip scheduled for September 10-12, 2011.

PEN members assured to extend full support for these two programs. Both Pax teams agreed to hold a joint meeting on September 7, 2011 at PEN Secretariat to have comprehensive discussion on Kavrepalanchok inspection trip and Pokhara sightseeing trip.

On September 7, at 18.00hrs, five Pax IV Hyper members: Keisuke, Toshiki, Yuma, Megumi and Naoki visited PEN Secretariat. Crew Leader Keisuke shared about the activities they have done so far under Nepal Japan Project 2011. PEN highly appreciated their collaborative projects with Kantipur Open Rover Crew. The joint meeting had a comprehensive discussion on upcoming Kavrepalanchok inspection visit and Pokhara sightseeing visit. President Sujan explained what Pax team will do in the two schools: Shree Raktakali Primary School (SRPS) and Shree Kalika Primary School (SKPS) of Kavrepalanchok on September 9, 2011. PEN has planned to organize one environmental workshop in each school and distribute hygienic materials such as soaps, toothbrushes, toothpastes, handkerchiefs and combs. PEN tried to know the activities Pax IV Hyper members want to do in Pokhara. They were mainly interested on rowing, hiking, sightseeing and more importantly paragliding.

On September 9, a joint team of 15 members: 7 from Pax IV Hyper and 8 from PEN visited Shree Kalika Primary School (SKPS) and Shree Raktakali Primary School (SRPS), organized one environmental workshop in each school and distributed hygienic materials such as toothpaste, tooth brush, comb, soap and handkerchief to 131 students. From Pax IV Hyper Crew Leader Keisuke, Toshiki, Masaki, Natsuo, Yuma, Megumi and Miho could join, however, Naoki was sick so Masanobu stayed at hotel to look after him. From PEN President Sujan Koirala, Hon. Member Nilambar Badal, Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha, Joint Treasurer Dipendra Dangol, Board Members: Binod Pd. Mainali, Harihar Sapkota and Laxman Bd. Pahari, and Founder Member Prem Shah involved in this program. Pax team also distributed school bags to 55 students. These 55 students include 30 students from SKPS and 25 newly enrolled students of SRPS. The team also handed dustbins and dustpans to school authorities of both schools to manage the garbage. The team also handed few hygienic materials to 9 teachers and 1 staff of these two schools.

In addition, Pax team could distribute nearly two and half dozen sticks to the elderly people of Kot Timal. The team also distributed nearly 2 dozens of water bottles and few raincoats to SRPS. These sticks, water bottles and raincoats were arranged by Fuji Hotel for distribution. The journey that started at 8.30hrs ended at 21.45hrs. The joint team had lunch and dinner at Dhulikhel.

During September 10 to September 12, a joint Pax team of 13 members visited Pokhara. The team could visit Begnaas Taal, Shanti Stupa, Chamere Cave, Mahendra Cave, Gupteshwor Mahadev, Davi’s Fall, Bindhyabasini Temple, Taal Barahi Temple and other important places in Pokhara. The team could see sunrise from Sarangkot, boating and rowing at Begnas lake and Fewa Lake, adventurous cave trails, hiking to Shanti Stupa and more importantly half an hour’s thrilling and exciting paragliding, The Pax team could enjoy a wonderful hospitality at Landmark Heritage Hotel.

On September 13, Pax IV Hyper team held “Public Debrief” at Bijaya Smarak Higher Secondary School. Teachers and students of the schools where Pax IV Hyper team conducted projects this year attended the public debrief session. On behalf of PEN, President Sujan and Board Members Harihar and Laxman joined the event.

On September 15 at 11.00hrs, Pax IV Hyper team and PEN team had an evaluation meeting at PEN Secretariat. 5 Pax IV members including Crew Leader Keisuke and 5 PEN members including President participated in this evaluation. Each Pax IV Hyper member shared their personal feedback. They were very happy with PEN for the arrangement of inspection visit to Kavrepalanchok and sightseeing visit to Pokhara. After the evaluation, PEN President handed a souvenir to each Pax IV Hyper member.

In the evening, PEN President and KORC members bid farewell to Pax IV hyper members at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu.

Reported by PEN Secretariat!!!