Pax Earth Nepal conducted its monthly meeting on 16th May 2009 at the familiar venue of Mrigasthali Café, Pashupati. All board members including the President Mr. Sujan Koirala were present.

The meeting was started with the welcoming words by Honorable President Mr. Koirala. He warmly welcomed entire Pax Team. With the consent by the President, Secretary Mr. Manohar Sapkota took over the control of the meeting. He read the minute of the last meeting held on 21st March 2009. All board members unanimously passed the minutes.

The main agendas of the meeting were as follows:
1, Pax Nepal’s visit to Japan (necessary preparation)
2, Pax Earth Training design, and
3, Miscellaneous

The meeting had drawn the following
1.All board members congratulated Mr. Koirala and Mr. Dipendra Dangol (Joint Treasurer) for the upcoming visit to Japan and wished for the better outcome of the visit.
2.President Mr. Koirala informed board about the progress of the preparation.
3.The board discussed on the training designs (i, 1-day, ii, 1 night-2 day, 2 night-3 day) prepared and put forth by President Mr. Koirala. Each member gave remarks on the training designs. The board had agreed to finalise the designs after some rounds of discussion and interaction.

The meeting was formally ended by President’s closing speech. Secretary Mr. Sapkota announced that the next meeting of PEN will be held on June 2009 after both representatives return back from the visit.