On September 4th, 2013, a Pax Earth team comprised of President Sujan Koirala, Secretary Binod P. Mainali, Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha and Hon. Member Kapil Koirala had a field visit to Shree Seti Devi Primary School located at Kharipati village of Kanpur VDC, Kavrepalanchok, Nepal. This field visit was undertaken as a plan of expanding Pax Earth’s educational and environmental support to more poor and needy children in the region.

1_Our cab passing through the worst muddy way
As per the plan, the field visit team gathered at the PEN Secretariat at 8:00am. Having few cups of teas, the team headed for Kavrepalanchok in a cab. Due to a heavy rainfall for past one week, the road has been severely damaged in many places and traveling through the muddy way was quite tough. In many places, they had to push the cab to pass some muddy hurdles. Important to mention here, they were compelled to stick in a traffic jam for nearly 3 hours as a local bus got some technical problems and the passage was not enough for the cab to move ahead.
2_Technical difficulty in the local bus which made us wait for 3 hours

Keeping the cap aside, the team went to Shree Seti Devi Primary School on foot which took about 15 minutes. Principal Ram Lala Thakur and few teachers welcomed the Pax Earth team at the school. The team interviewed with the principal, teachers and students. The team also observed the whole school and prepared a summary report as presented in Table 1.

Table 1: Field Summary

Name of the School Shree Seti Devi Primary School
Address Ward No. 4, Khadarpati, Kanpur VDC, Kavrepalanchok, Nepal [about 60 Km from Kathmandu]
Year of Establishment 1985
Students list
Class Boys Girls Total
Child Care 6 12 18
One 10 16 26
Two 9 13 22
Three 6 7 13
Four 5 8 13
Five 5 8 13
Total 41 64 105
No. of Teachers 5 [Male: 3, Female 2]
Major Subjects English, Nepali, Mathematics, Social Studies, Additional English and Tamang Heritage
Extracurricular activities Quiz contests, debate competition, drawing, singing and dancing, athletics, etc.
Management A school management committee consists of 9 members. Each SMC member has 3 years tenure.
Major problems cited in the school
  1. Poor sanitation and poor personal hygiene
  2. No electricity and water facility in the school
  3. No library in the school due to which there is a lack of study and reference materials
  4. No computer in the school
  5. Inadequate furniture
Major occupations of parents Agriculture and farming

he team spent nearly one and half hour in the school. Through this field visit, the team uncovered that the sanitation of the school and personal hygiene of the students are very poor which need an immediate attention. Hence, the team felt that an environment workshop along with a hygienic materials distribution would be a key to improve the sanitation of the school and the personal hygiene of the students. Considering the condition of the school, the team agreed to include it in Pax Earth’s education and environment mission in the immediate future.
3_Students at Shree Seti Devi Primary School

In addition, the team could manage to visit Shree Raktakali Primary School to observe the progress of ongoing renovation work. They could also discuss with the probable stakeholders on their availability for the project cycle management (PCM) workshop to be organised on September 9th, 2013.
4_Interview with the principal and the teachers

The original plan was to explore at least two schools however the muddy road and unexpected technical problem occurred in the local bus not only interrupted our journey but also limited the field visit to only one school.
5_The garbage is well seen in the class room

Reported by PEN Secretariat!!!