We had a successful and memorable trip to Kot Timal. It was a kind of non-formal visit. We left for the village on 7thDec. and returned on 11th Dec. Though the transportation facility is available, we were happy to enjoy trip on foot. During the visit we could visit an elementary school (Shree Rakta Kali Primary School) and had some fun with the children besides handing over some school materials that were given by Mr. Guy and Ms. Dunn (from Nottinghamshire, UK, last year) so as to distribute among underprivileged students as well as some collected by PEN members. We conducted a drawing competition as well. The students and teachers were very pleased with our small efforts. We will try our best to contribute for the students in future as well.

Maize, wheat and barley are the main crops of the village. They are also growing some seasonal vegetables and fruits. In this rainy season, there was no rain. In spite of rain and water problem, the villagers are depending on moisture for the farming.

Although the village is enriched with food grains, seasonal vegetables and fruits, cattle-farming, magnificent view of White Mountains, landscapes, hills, etc., the drinking water problem is severe. Due to lack of water, sanitation problem can be observed everywhere. E.g. due to insufficient water, villagers are reluctant to construct toilets. We could visit a source of water (at a distance of 20 minute walking) which can be materialized and can solve the immediate drinking water problem of the village. There is only one water tap for about 50 households (approx 400 persons). Even the villagers have to spend hours and hours in queue to get a bucket of drinking water. This water project can solve the immediate drinking water need of 25 households (approx. 200 persons). It will not only help to solve the immediate drinking water problem but also reduce the burden on one tap. They can utilize the time in other tasks that ought to be spent in the queue. I along with Mane-san and Shreebatsa-san are really interested on this water project.

I would be very happy if Pax Earth is interested in this project. I will also put this agenda in our next meeting. I will let you know more on this after our meeting. We had taken a movie camera and a digital camera with which we could take many pictures and movie throughout the visit. We will prepare a report and a documentary of this visit.

Reported by:
Sujan Koirala with Mane-san and Shreebatsa-san of Pax Earth Nepal