Pax Earth Japan had a monthly meeting on 13th December, 2008 at Eco Gallery Shinjuku. We could have totally 13 particpants. In the meeting, we discussed the issues written below.

1, Project
– We will contine to have a relationship with the Scout Association of Japan to support especially youth scouting who are doint the international projects.
– We will organize some adventure programs such as Winter Camp or Canoe Program. We will announce these events to the public and calls for participation.
– We decided to support Pax Earth Nepal from knowledge, human resources, and financial perspectives.

2, Financial Issues
– We will continue to contact with the funding agencies for your sustainable projects both in Nepal & Japan.
– We will put the Paypal Form in our website so that anyone can donate through the website.
– We are planing to start the Web Editting Bussiness for NPOs.

3, Public Relatoin Issues
– We will try to create not only informative websites but also Press Releases and articles for public magazines.

After the meeting, we moved to a Chinese Restaurant in Shinjuku. We really got acquainted each other with good Chinese food and some drinks. The meeting was held from 10:00 to 17:00 and the dinner party was held from 18:00 to 21:00.