On Saturday, August 20, 2011, PEJ President Dr. Soko Aoki had an inspection visit to educational mission sites: Shree Raktakali Primary School (SRPS) and Shree Kalika Primary School (SKPS) located at Kanpur VDC of Kavrepalanchok District of Nepal where Pax Earth has been contributing in education of 131 children for last fourteen months. He was accompanied by PEN President Sujan Koirala, Secretary Manohar Sapkota, Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha, Joint Treasurer Dipendra Dangol, Board Member Binod Pd. Mainali, Member Sudan Pd. Bhandari, Member Rabindra Neupane, Yasuhiro Furukawa, a friend from Japan and a sister of Board Member Binod.

On August 20 at 7.30am, Pax members gathered at Secretariat PEN Secretariat. After having some teas, 9-member Pax team left for Kavrepalanchok. Out of 9-member, Secretary Manohar Sapkota and Member Rabindra Neupane left in a motorbike while remaining members left in a Mitsubishi Pajero. The purpose of the visit was to have an inspection of Pax Earth’s educational mission sites and water sources by PEJ President Soko Aoki.

On the way to Dhulikhel from Kathmandu, the team stopped nearly half an hour at Sangha Shiva Temple located at Sangha and could also enjoy some cups of teas. The Pax team took lunch at Dhulikhel at 10.30am. Then, the team left for Kot Timal through the rain-damaged hilly road. The team members experienced bumping in many places. If the team did not have taken a 4-wheel drive, the team would have certainly returned from the mid-way because of the rough roads.

After the adventurous traveling, the Pax team reached at Shree Raktakali Primary School (SRPS) at 1.00pm. Principal Hira Kaji Tamang warmly welcomed all Pax members at main gate of the school. Before a formal meeting with the school authority, the Pax team wanted to have an interaction with the students who were waiting for Pax team for a long time. President Soko asked them some questions mainly on the usage of educational materials given by Pax Earth. After the interaction with the students, all Pax members gathered at office. Teacher Netra Prasad Pathak formally welcomed Pax members with a red tika on the forehead and a khadda. PEJ President Soko, PEN President Sujan, Secretary Manohar, Treasurer Bal Gopal, Joint Treasurer Dipendra, Board Member Binod, Members Sudan and Rabindra, and Yasuhiro attended the meeting on behalf of Pax team while Principal Hira Kaji Tamang, teachers Hira Kaji Lama, Netra Prasad Pathak and Gopi Krishna Tripathi attended on behalf of SRPS. After a small introduction, PEJ President asked for few school and student related information. He also inquired about the actual needs and told them to prioritise these needs for 2012. The school authority put forth the priorities as follows:
1) Continue the educational materials support and environmental workshops which Pax Earth has been carring out for last fourteen months.
2) Support in improving English language of the teachers either by providing an English teacher or providing financial support for an English teacher or from any other mean.
3) Support in fixing the gap between wall and roofs of some classrooms.

After the meeting, the team could have few group photos with the school authority. Then, as per the interest of PEJ President, Principal Hira Kaji took the Pax team to a nearby water source named “Ganesh Dhara”. Since the rainy season was not over yet, the villagers could get few buckets of water each day. The village has been suffering from a huge water shortage specially in the dry season when one bucket of water a day is still hard to get.

After inspecting Ganesh Dhara, the Pax team left for the next school i.e. Shree Kalika Primary School at 4.45pm. On the way, PEJ President inspected a house of a student studying in SRPS. In about 15 minutes drive, the Pax team reached at the school. Principal Ram Lal Shrestha welcomed the Pax team at the school. As the day was Saturday, the weekly holiday, only Principal Ram Lal Shrestha was desperately waiting for the Pax team. After a small introduction, PEJ President asked for the information about the school and their real needs. Principal Ram Lal highly praised Pax Earth for the support extended to the students, teachers and school. He stated these priorities for 2012:
1) Continue the educational materials support and environmental workshops
2) Furniture management

After the meeting, the team had a group photo with Principal Shrestha. After saying good bye to Principal, the team went to Binod’s home, met his family and took some snacks. The Pax team spent half an hour at his home and left for Kathmandu via same route at 5.55pm. The condition of the road was so poor that the traveling was quite scary. In just about 100 metre to reach Bhakunde, our jeep slipped into a paddy field. It took nearly 15min to pull it back to the track. After then, the Pax team could have a smooth traveling till Kathmandu. The Pax team arrived in Kathmandu at 7.40pm.

Despite the challenges offered in many occasions by the damaged roads, the Pax team could finish this mission. Thanks to the courtesy of Dipendra who could arrange a four-wheel drive otherwise our travel could have been more difficult. The driver deserves a special thank for offering a comfortable and safe travel.