Certificate Distribution Ceremony of Youth Outdoor Exposure (June 26, 2010)

Pax Earth Nepal (PEN) organized certificate distribution ceremony of Youth Outdoor Exposure (YOE) at Shree Bal Byabasai Kendra Secondary School, Sifal, Kathmandu on Saturday June 26, 2010. Due to some technical circumstances, PEN could not hold certificate distribution at youth outdoor exposure. The programme was chaired by President Sujan Koirala.

The ceremony was formally inaugurated by Chief Guest Hon. Dr. Ganesh Gurung, Member, National Planning Commission, Government of Nepal by lighting an oil lamp.

In his welcoming address, Vice President Shreebatsa Basnyat cordially welcomed Chief Guest Dr. Gurung, Honorable Member Nilambar Badal, participants of YOE, board members and members of PEN. He explained the reason behind holding separate ceremony for the certificate distribution.

Coordinator of YOE Laxman Prasad Neupane briefly highlighted YOE. He thanked PEN for entrusting him and providing an opportunity for coordinating such a great event. He appreciated the role played by each member of YOE organizing committee. He thanked all participants for their active and valuable support without which PEN could not conduct YOE successfully. He shed light on the activities that participants passed through during the YOE. He was confident that this YOE has brought tremendous changes in leadership, personality and team building skills of each participant.

On behalf of participants, Yasoda Sapkota, Nagendra Shakya, and Peter Badal shared their experiences. They were quite delighted to be a part of YOE. They thanked PEN for organizing a very useful event for youths and expressed that it has contributed a lot in improving their leadership, personality and ability to work in a team. It was a superlative learning experience for each participant. They have strongly advocated for the continuity of this type of programme in future more extensively. Each speaker wished for the progress and prosperity of PEN in the days ahead.

Honorable Member of PEN, Nilambar Badal congratulated PEN for successfully conducting YOE. Although he was not able to join, he was quite impressed to hear the experience from the participants. He insisted PEN to continue such a praiseworthy event more extensively in future. He always loved to work with PEN and wished to extend all possible support for the betterment of PEN.

The distribution of certificates followed after Badal’s remarks. Chief Guest Dr. Gurung distributed Certificate of Participation to participants one by one. He further distributed Letter of Appreciation to Arun Khadka for financial support, Rajan Dulal for logistic support, M/s Kantipur Saving and Credit Cooperative Ltd. and M/s Oral and Dental Clinic for sending participants, Dhulikhel Training Centre for their accommodation and friendly environment and Coordinator Neupane for outstanding effort in successfully organizing YOE.
Chief Guest Dr. Gurung expressed his happiness for inviting in such a wonderful event. He praised Sujan Koirala and his young team for successfully holding YOE. Terming himself as a former youth, he was quite happy to be among the youths. He expressed how the present youths are being involved in strikes and violence. In his words, all these are due to unemployment. If there is ample employment opportunity, the youths would not involve themselves in such brutal acts.

He added that the YOE is an exemplary work to address the developmental issues of youths. This exposure must have developed understanding, friendship, cooperation and collaboration among the participants. He wished that the PEN members will never involve themselves in destructions; they will not hold weapons against one another. He related PEN’s activity with National Planning Commission’s activity. He shared several experiences and explained how the economy is deteriorating day by day. He suggested PEN to continue this programme which is quite necessary for personal development of youths. He will be happy to join in other activity of PEN as far as possible.

President Koirala delivered vote of thanks. In his vote of thanks, he heartily thanked Chief Guest Dr. Gurung for his valuable presence in spite of very busy schedule and also for the inspiring speech. Dr. Gurung was quite busy in a meeting but he could manage two important hours for this ceremony. He also thanked Hon. Member Badal for his presence. Gathering thirty five youths from different walks of life was quite challenging but PEN could not only bring these 35 youths together but also provide platform to make friendship, develop understanding and enhance mutual cooperation and trust besides inculcating leadership, personality, team building skills.

He further presented a brief report including positive and negative aspects of YOE. He shared that the overall rating of the YOE is 4.12 (In five point Likert Scale). It’s highly encouraging result. He further promised to implement suggestions posted by the participants in upcoming exposures. He thanked each and every participant and supporter for their active and valuable participation and supports. He thanked Arun Khadka for financial supports; Rajan Dulal for logistic support; M/s Kantipur Saving and Credit Cooperative Ltd. and M/s Oral and Dental Clinic for sending participants; Dhulikhel Training Centre for their accommodation and friendly environment and Coordinator Neupane for his active and valuable efforts in successfully organizing YOE.

He recalled Advisor Prof. Dr. Hari Prasad Shrestha for his valuable suggestion and advice; Secretary General of PEJ, Dr. Soko Aoki for his encouragements and advices and Hon. Member Badal for his presence and guidance. He further thanked YOE organising committee, PEN Board and general members. He thanked Shree Bal Byabasai Kendra Secondary School for providing hall for distributing certificates. Last but not the least, he thanked Master of Ceremony Harihar Sapkota for attractively coordinating the certificate distribution ceremony. After his final remarks, President declared the formal closing of the ceremony. PEN arranged a small tea/snacks programme after certificate distribution. Including participants and guests, thirty persons were present on the occasion.