Pax Earth Japan organized a debriefing session of Nepal Project 2009 on December 9th, 2009. Totally about 20 participants joined this session and had an intensive discussion on the project’s outcome and future direction.

The Nepal project 2009 was taken place in Nepal with 5 Japanese members and more than 20 Nepali project partners in Kathmandu, Nepal. The project started 1st September and ended on 16th September. The members focused on environmental education, waster management, and tree planting in Kakani training center.

Some members pointed out deep-seated waste management problem in Kathmandu city. Some other members raised the issue of how we should have a collaborative relationship with the Scout Association of Japan.

After the session, most of the members have a dinner party in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Katsura Kuno, a board member of Pax Earth Japan joined this party and gave much important advice to our student members. All the members promised to plan and implement Nepal project 2010 in next summer.