On 10th March 2009, PEN (Pax Earth Nepal) observed the festival of colours and water “HOLI” in a beautiful fashion in Nepal. The main objectives of the programme were to promote peace and understanding, spread happiness and deepen friendship among PEN members and well-wishers as well as to preserve culture. Exchanging greetings, putting different colours and throwing water to each other, dancing and singing Holi songs PEN celebrated this year’s Holi. With the silver colour at the face, it was quite hard to recognize the participants. The PEN team wandered native areas: Gaushala, Pashupati, Kumarigal, Chabahil and Mitrapark. The inhabitants threw water and colours to the team. The celebration which began at 10am lasted till 4pm. Including 7 members from PEN, 14 persons participated on PEN Holi 2009.

President Sujan Koirala, Vice President Shreebatsa Basnyat, Secretary Manohar Sapkota, Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha, Board Member Laxman Bahadur Pahari, Board Member Harihar Sapkota and Founder Member Prem Shah as well as PEN well-wishers and friends Pankaj Suri, Sachin Koirala, Amrit Chaudhary, Rabindra Neupane, Laxman Neupane, Praveen Sherpa and Surendra Shahi actively involved throughout the programme.

March 2009, PEN, Kathmandu