The 4th Annual General Meeting of Pax Earth Nepal (PEN) successfully held from 9:00am to 11:30am at High Road Café, Mitrapark, Kathmandu on Saturday December 22, 2012. The meeting was chaired by President Sujan Koirala while respected Prof. Dr. Siddhi Prasad Koirala was the Chief Guest. Including eighteen PEN members, 23 persons attended the AGM.
1_Inaguration of 4th AGM by lighting candles by Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Koirala

The 4th AGM was divided into two sessions: opening session and closed session. The opening session was formally inaugurated by the Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Koirala lighting four candles.

The opening session began with the welcome address by Vice President Shreebatsa Basnyat. He warmly welcomed the Chief Guest, guests, members and well-wishers in the AGM. He wished for the successful holding of the meeting.
2_Welcome address by VP Shreebatsa Basnyat

Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha presented PEN’s financial reports of FY 2011/12 including the audit report. He also presented the proposed budget for FY 2012/13.
3_Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha presenting the financial reports

On behalf of the Executive Committee, Secretary Binod P. Mainali presented the PEN Annual Report 2011/12. He highlighted the major achievements of the organisation in the fiscal year as follows:

  • Contributed in education of students of Shree Raktakali Primary School and Shree Kalika Primary School located in Kanpur VDC of Kavrepalanchok district of Nepal. From this effort, 130 poor and underprivileged children benefited.
  • Provided teaching and reference materials as well as stationery to nine teachers and one staff of the two schools mentioned above.
  • Arranged floor carpet in the classrooms of Shree Kalika Primary School, Kanpur where the students used to study in a poor environment contributed by cold classrooms and poor desks and benches. In addition, mattresses and shoes racks were also provided to the school.
  • Provided hygienic materials such as soaps, toothbrushes, toothpastes, combs and handkerchiefs to the students of both the schools with an aim to encourage them to adopt a healthy habit.
  • Contributed in improving physical potential of the students of these two schools by providing sports materials.
  • Contributed eighty seven youths in improving their speaking skills by organising six PEN Toastmasters Programs.
  • Continued the highly valued cultural exchange program “PEN meets PEJ” in 2011 as well. Representing PEN, executive committee members Harihar Sapkota, Guna Raj Pyakurel and Laxman B. Pahari attended this program.
  • Continued the tradition and culture of welcoming and managing the visit of Japanese friends. PEN could manage the visit of three Japanese groups during the fiscal year.

4_Secretary Binod P. Mainali presenting the PEN Annual Report

After the Secretary’s address, members: Kamala Basnet and Rajan Dulal respectively shared their experience being a Pax Earth member. Member Basnet shared how her life and spirit of service transformed after joining Pax Earth. She said that she is fully committed in accomplishing the mission of the organisation. Member Dulal appreciated the Pax Earth’s ongoing educational and environmental activities in Kavrepalanchok and wished for the extension of Pax Earth’s support in more villages and also assured to extend all possible support in Pax Earth’s endeavours. He raised a special point that Pax Earth, if possible, should make an arrangement of a small incentive to the members who commit their valuable time to Pax Earth who would otherwise utilise the time in generating incomes.
5_Personal remarks by member Kamala Basnet
6_Personal remarks by member Rajan Dulal

The Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Koirala was glad to be among such young and dynamic youths. He even felt as if he were a youth being among the youths in the meeting. He congratulated the PEN members for successfully carrying out a noble mission. He particularly praised the activities carried out for the needy children in Kavrepalanchok, Nepal. With his inspiring words, he encouraged the members to move ahead in the same spirit. He told that he is ready to extend all possible (physical or other) support to the organisation. He wished for the growth and prosperity of the organisation in the days ahead.
7_group photo

After the Chief Guest’s address, member Debraj Ghimire handed NRs. 15000.00 to President Koirala received from his brother and PEN’s Australia Representative Saroj Ghimire. Representative Ghimire has been raising funds for the Pax Earth for the past three years.

Opening session concluded with a vote of thanks by President Koirala. He humbly thanked Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Koirala for providing his precious time for this AGM. President equally appreciated his inspiring speech and encouragements for the members and also for the commitment to extend all possible supports to Pax Earth. He heartily thanked Secretary Binod P. Mainali, Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha and Executive Member Laxman B. Pahari for their outstanding support, contribution and cooperation in bringing the organisation in this respectable state. He also appreciated the role played by Vice President Shreebatsa Basnyat, Joint Secretary Guna Raj Pyakurel, Joint Treasurer Dipendra Dangol and Board Member Harihar Sapkota. He was equally indebted to former Secretary Manohar Sapkota for his valuable support. He also thanked all the members who directly and/or indirectly contributed in successfully carrying out the organisation’s core activities.
8_Special address by Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Koirala

President Koirala praised the role played by advisors duo respected Prof. Dr. Hari P. Shrestha and Dr. Ganesh Gurung. He extended a sincere gratitude to Honorary Member Nilambar Badal for his cooperation particularly in conducting Toastmasters program and initiating English language class. He expressed gratitude to PEN Australia representative Saroj Ghimire, Journalist and Honorary Member Kapil Koirala, teachers and students of Shree Raktakali Primary School and Shree Kalika Primary School of Kavrepalanchok for their exemplary cooperation and contribution.
9_President Koirala receiving donation sent by PEN Australian representative Saroj Ghimire

President Koirala heartily thanked Dr. Soko Aoki, the President of Pax Earth Japan (PEJ) for his praiseworthy role in raising funds for implementing the Mission Education and Environment project and continuing ‘PEN meets PEJ’ program. He also praised Dr. Aoki’s role and dedication and explicitly mentioned that without him the organisation would not have come in a respectable position as today. He was indebted to respected Mr. Masaya Arao (Advisor of PEJ) for his support, contribution and advice in carrying out Pax Earth’s noble mission. He was also thankful to the members of PEJ. He also thanked Shoyu Club for providing financial support to Pax Earth for last few years.

Last but not the least; he thanked all the supporters, friends and well-wishers who directly and/or indirectly supported in achieving mission of the Pax Earth for the past four years. He expected similar support, cooperation and contribution from all the members, guests and well-wishers in the days ahead and ended his speech with a concluding note, “The beauty of this organisation is the unity. What we believe is in ‘united we stand, divided we fail’; hence, let’s pour our unified effort in bringing peace on earth through effectively mobilizing our limited resources in the days and years ahead.” After his vote of thanks, President adjourned the opening session of the 4th AGM.

The meeting went off for a tea break. The Chief Guest Dr. Koirala who had managed his time for opening session left after the end of opening session. On behalf of PEN members, President Koirala bid him farewell.
11_break time

After few minutes break, the members assembled for the closed session. In closed session, the floor discussed on few key agendas and took the decisions accordingly. The decisions have been presented below:

  1. The floor unanimously approved the PEN Annual Report 2011/12 presented on behalf of the Executive Committee by Secretary Binod P. Mainali.
  2. The floor unanimously approved the PEN’s financial reports including the audit report of FY 2011/12 presented by Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha.
  3. As per the constitution of the Pax Earth 2008, the term of executive committee of PEN is two years. Hence, the election of the executive committee should be held in every two year. In order to hold the election of new Executive Board of PEN, a three member’s election committee consisted of Badri Sigdel (election coordinator), Dhiraj Sharma (committee member) and Sital Mainali (committee member) was formed. The election committee conducted the election. There was only one nomination for each position: President (Sujan Koirala), Secretary (Binod P. Mainali) and Treasurer (Bal Gopal Shrestha) as well as three nominations for three executive member’s positions (Laxman B. Pahari, Harihar Sapkota and Kamala Basnet). The election coordinator Badri Sigdel declared each respective candidate as elected for the nominated position; that is to say, Sujan Koirala, Binod P. Mainali and Bal Gopal Shrestha were respectively elected as the President, Secretary and Treasurer while Laxman B. Pahari, Harihar Sapkota and Kamala Basnet were elected as Executive Members for the term 2012-2014.

    The newly elected President Sujan Koirala, after the discussion with other newly elected executive committee members, made a decision to appoint Shreebatsa Basnyat in Vice President, Guna Raj Pyakurel in Joint Secretary and Dipendra Dangol in Joint Treasurer for the next term. With this appointment, the PEN’s new Executive Committee consists of the following:
    12_Election committee member Dhiraj Sharma putting tika on President elect Sujan Koirala
    1. President – Mr. Sujan Koirala,
    2. Vice President – Mr. Shreebatsa Basnyat
    3. Secretary – Mr. Binod P. Mainali
    4. Treasurer – Mr. Bal Gopal Shrestha
    5. Joint Secretary – Mr. Guna Raj Pyakurel
    6. Joint Treasurer – Mr. Dipendra Dangol
    7. Executive Member – Mr. Laxman B. Pahari
    8. Executive Member – Mr. Harihar Sapkota
    9. Executive Member – Ms. Kamala Basnet

  4. The floor made a unanimous decision to give a mandate of making decision on the appointment of auditor and determining his remuneration to the newly elected Executive Committee.
  5. The floor made a decision to assign general members Bhagawati Pandey and Debraj Ghimire as the representatives for endorsing the decisions made in the this AGM.
  6. Special agendas:
    1. The floor approved the ‘Pax Earth Constitution 2008 amendment proposal’ to increase the tenure of the Executive Committee from 2 years to 4 years. This will be in effect only after getting the formal approval from District Administration Office, Kathmandu.
    2. The floor approved a proposal of Secretary Binod P. Mainali to give an honorary membership to Kumar Nagarkoti for his selfless support to the organisation for the past few years.
    3. President Koirala (who again elected as the President for the next term too) once again extended the vote of thanks. He thanked the coordinator and members of election committee for successfully holding the election. He thanked all the members for giving him the mandate to lead the organisation once again. He congratulated newly elected executive committee members. He hoped for the similar support, cooperation and contribution from all the members, sponsors, supporters and well-wishers in the quest of achieving more glories for the organisation. He extended a sincere gratitude to Chief Guest, guests and members for their presence and contribution in making the AGM a success. He thanked the ‘4th AGM Organising Committee’ for successfully holding the AGM. He also thanked Master of Ceremony and Secretary Binod P. Mainali for his flawless coordination.

After his vote of thanks, President Koirala formally adjourned the closed session and the 4th AGM. Lunch was served after the end of the closed session.
10_President Koirala with his vote of thanks

List of Participant in 4th AGM

  1. Prof. Dr. Siddhi Prasad Koirala – The Chief Guest
  2. Badri Sigdel – Guest
  3. Dhiraj Sharma – Guest
  4. Sital Mainali – Guest
  5. Salina Basnet – Guest

PEN Members:

  1. Sujan Koirala – President
  2. Shreebatsa Basnyat – Vice President
  3. Binod P. Mainali – Secretary
  4. Bal Gopal Shrestha – Treasurer
  5. Dipendra Dangol – Joint Treasurer
  6. Laxman B. Pahari – Executive Member
  7. Harihar Sapkota – Executive Member

General Members:

  1. Sudan P. Bhandari
  2. Debraj Ghimire
  3. Sachin Koirala
  4. Rajan Dulal
  5. Kamala Basnet (later elected in Executive Member)
  6. Bhagawati Pandey
  7. Peter Badal
  8. Kapil Deuja
  9. Jamuna Siwakoti
  10. Dev Raj Karki
  11. Ram Sharan Paudel

13_Master of Ceremony and Secretary Binod P. Mainali reading the decisions taken by the 4th AGM
Reported by PEN Secretariat!