The 7th Board Meeting of Pax Earth Nepal was held on March 13, 2010 at the residence of Vice President Mr. Shreebatsa Basnyat, Kumarigal, Kathmandu during 16.00hrs to 18.30hrs. The meeting was chaired by President Mr. Sujan Koirala. The meeting formally began with the dissemination of information regarding renewal of PEN at District Development Corporation, Chief District Office and Social Welfare Council. Then, Board briefly reviewed of “Kadinche Tour to Nepal” and “Soichiro and his friends’ Nepal visit”.

Though we had eight board members present at the meeting, every member could express their remarks on both the visits. The review concluded that PEN played an effective role in successfully coordinating “Kadinche Tour to Nepal” and meeting all the schedules despite many challenges. However, in the words of Mr. Manohar Sapkota, “We need to wait a long to see the results of this visit.” Similarly, PEN could present an excellent schedule during Soichiro and his friends’ Nepal visit. Both the visits were coordinated by President Mr. Koirala.

The meeting discussed on the following agendas and took the decision accordingly.

  • 1, Revision of budget

The Board reviewed the budget and activity plan for the year 2010 which was submitted to PEJ few months back. The meeting also discussed on the points raised by Shoyu Club. The meeting further reviewed suggestions and recommendations received from the new members and friends. As the activities for the year 2010 need to address the issues raised by Shoyu Club and the interests of new members and friends, the board members agreed to form a three member committee to revise plan and budget for the year 2010.

Committee Name: Plan and Budget Revising committee
Committee includes: Mr. Sujan Koirala, President / Mr. Manohar Sapkota, Secretary / Mr. Bal Gopal Shrestha, Treasurer
Deadline:22nd March, 2010

As per the instruction of the Board, the revised plan and budget should incorporate the interests of all the stakeholders, specifically of Shoyu Club.

  • 2, Discussion on possible business models including PEN’s café

This time, the meeting was focused on the discussion of the café only. After a long interaction, the meeting agreed to start the café business after two months. As per Mr. Sapkota and Mr. Basnyat who are leading this business concept, the main challenge of starting a café is to find a room in a suitable location. The board members further agreed to participate in this venture by purchasing share of this business model. Mr. Sapkota and Mr. Basnyat will come up with a final model (including the budget, share structure, shareholders and so on). As PEJ has shown keen interest in this venture from the very beginning, PEN Board expects their active participation as well. The final model will explain how PEJ can participate in this venture. The Board unanimously agreed to donate 10 percent of the net profit to Pax Earth Nepal.

  • 3, International Membership Criteria

There are few Nepali friends of Pax Earth Nepal who are residing abroad for their study and career but are constantly encouraging and supporting the Pax Earth Nepal although not yet financially. They have been asking us for the formal authority to work for Pax Earth in fulfilling its mission. They will not only spread the spirit of Pax Earth in abroad but also try to raise the funds for the activities of Pax Earth Nepal.

The board comprehensively discussed on the interest and encouragements shown by three friends of Pax Earth Nepal, Mr. Rajkumar Gurung, Mr. Purushottam Dangol and Mr. Saroj Ghimire. After a long interaction, the Board agreed to give them a general membership and further agreed to appoint as country representatives of PEN. They will be required to work in the spirit of Pax Earth and will be abide by its membership rules and regulations. The Board agreed to appoint Mr. Rajkumar Gurung as Country Representative for USA, Mr. Purushottam Dangol as Joint Representative for USA and Mr. Saroj Ghimire as Country Representative for Australia. They are required to fulfill a mandatory procedure to begin their work on behalf of PEN formally. Though we had talked about this while PEJ Secretary General Dr. Soko Aoki was in Nepal, PEN would like to have opinion of PEJ in this regard again.

  • 4, Membership Renewal

The Board made a decision that all members are required to complete the renewal of their membership within the end of Nepali Year 2066, i.e., within April 13, 2010.

  • 5, Communication System

PEN has been facing some communication problems of not reaching the right information to the right person at the right time due to network and other technical problems despite adopting all modern communication mediums. After an intensive discussion on the present communication system, the Board made a decision to foster human to human information system in addition to the present communication system.

  • 6, Miscellaneous

a, New Event
In order to address the constant request and interest of new members, friends and even board members, the meeting unanimously agreed to hold a “Personality Development Schooling” in May 2010 which is an advance version of “1st Youth Leadership Development Camp” held in September 2008. We expect this very event will help boost the leadership, personality and team-building skills besides providing refreshment. A three member committee has been formed to plan and budget the activity.

Committee Name: PD Schooling Committee
Committee Members: Sujan Koirala, President / Laxman B. Pahari, Board Member / Harihar Sapkota, Board Member
Deadline:Next Board Meeting

b, Pax Earth T-shirt Printing in Nepal
In PEJ last visit, Secretary General Dr. Soko Aoki had insisted PEN members to see the possibility of printing Pax Earth T-shirt here in Nepal to avoid high cost of printing in Japan. The Board briefly discussed on this issue and wanted Mr. Basnyat to lead this task.

c, Next Meeting
The Board agreed to hold the next Board Meeting of PEN on Saturday April 10, 2010 at 16.00hrs at the residence of Board Member Mr. Binod Prasad Mainali, Chabahil, Kathmandu.

President Mr. Koirala extended hearty thanks to all Board Members present at the meeting for their active and valuable participation and adjourned the meeting.

Board Members present at the meeting:
Sujan Koirala (President), Shreebatsa Basnyat (Vice President), Manohar Sapkota (Secretary), Bal Gopal Shrestha (Treasurer), Guna Raj Pyakurel (Joint Secretary), Laxman B. Pahari (Board Member), Harihar Sapkota (Board Member) and Binod P. Mainali (Board Member).