The Eighth Board Meeting of Pax Earth Nepal was called to order by President Sujan Koirala on Monday April 16, 2012. The meeting was held at PEN Secretariat during 5.45pm to 8.30pm. Following Board Members attended the meeting:

1, President Sujan Koirala
2, Vice President Shreebatsa Basnyat
3, Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha
4, Joint Secretary Guna Raj Pyakurel
5, Board Member Binod P. Mainali
6, Board Member Harihar Sapkota
7, Board Member Laxman B. Pahari

PEN Board had a comprehensive, constructive and meaningful discussion on some crucial agendas and took the decisions accordingly. The agendas and decisions are discussed below.

Agenda 1) Vote of thanks to respected Mr. Masaya Arao (Advisor of PEJ) and Dr. Soko Aoki (President of PEJ)
Decision: The Board unanimously made a decision to extend vote of thanks to respected Mr. Masaya Arao (Advisor of PEJ) and Dr. Soko Aoki (President of PEJ) for their admirable role in convincing Shoyu Club to continue extending financial support to Pax Earth even in 2012. With Shoyu Club’s financial support, Pax Earth will be able to execute Plan and Programmes set for 2012.

Agenda 2) Selecting two candidates for possible “PEN meets PEJ 4th Edition 2012”
Decision: Based on the set criteria [1, Who have been actively contributing Pax Earth since the inception and 2, Can perform an active and constructive role in implementing mission of Pax Earth for next two years.], the Board made a unanimous decision to send Binod P. Mainali (Board Member) and Sudan P. Bhandari (General Member) for “PEN meets PEJ 4th Edition 2012”.

Agenda 3) Appointment of PEN Secretary
Decision: After an in-depth and meaningful discussion on every possible candidate, the Board made a unanimous decision to appoint Binod P. Mainali as Secretary of PEN upto the next Annual General Meeting.

Agenda 4) Awarding PEN General Membership to few individuals
Decision: The Board agreed to award PEN General Membership to four individuals who have fulfilled all necessary criteria and conditions for becoming a general member. These individuals are:
a) Ms. Kamala Basnet
b) Ms. Bhagwati Pandey
c) Mr. Peter Badal
d) Mr. Sovanand Yadav

The Board further agreed to classify PEN members according to the involvement and contribution in executing PEN Plan and Programmes. The Board unanimously gave the responsibility of developing criteria to Vice President Shreebatsa Basnyat.

Agenda 5) First educational and sports materials distribution of 2012
Decision: The Board made a decision to hold first educational and sports materials distribution of 2012 in SRPS and SKPS of Kavrepalanchok in last week of May 2012.

Agenda 6) Miscellaneous:
a) Sending two PEN members for learning Japanese language
Decision: The Board unanimously took a decision to send Binod P. Mainali and one and only female member Anita Subedi (subject to her interest) to learn Japanese language in a Japanese language institute in Kathmandu.

b) Reforming “PEN Picnic 2012 Organising Committee”
Decision: The Board made a decision to form a 3-members “PEN Picnic 2012 Organising Committee”. The committee members include Guna Raj Pyakurel (Coordinator), Bal Gopal Shrestha (Joint Coordinator) and Laxman B. Pahari (Member). The Board further made a decision to organize a picnic program in 2nd or 3rd week of May 2012.

c) PEN Toastmasters problems and prospects
Decision: The Board Members realised low presence of active members as the hindrance for organizing PEN Toastmasters smoothly and effectively. In order to address this problem, all Board Members have assured to attend the Toastmasters program as far as possible.

d) Forming a “Visit Management Committee”
Decision: In order to extend all possible supports to friends coming from Japan, a “Visit Management Committee” consisted of 5-PEN members, has been formed. The committee members include Binod P. Mainali (Coordinator), Bal Gopal Shrestha (Joint Coordinator), Sachin Koirala, Anita Subedi and Rajan Dulal.

e) Making hoarding board for PEN Secretariat and ID card for members
Decision: The Board made a decision to make a hoarding board of PEN for its Secretariat and ID cards for the members. The Board further made a decision to give the printing jobs to Kumar Nagarkoti.

f) School visit for promoting Pax Earth and its activities
Decision: The Board made a decision to visit some good schools in Kathmandu and promote Pax Earth and its activities. The motive behind this move is to encourage school authorities, teachers and students to extend possible supports in accomplishing Pax Earth’s mission. As a first try, the Board Members have agreed to have a courtesy visit to Hilary School located at Gaurinagar, Kathmandu. For this, Vice President Shreebatsa Basnyat has assured to take the initiative.

At the end, President thanked all Board Members for their active and valuable participation and formally adjourned the meeting.

Reported by PEN Secretariat!!!