The Third Annual General Meeting of Pax Earth Nepal was successfully held at The Bakery Café, Chuchchepati, Kathmandu during 5.30pm to 7.30pm on Saturday October 29, 2011. The meeting was chaired by President Mr. Sujan Koirala. Honorary Member Mr. Nilambar Badal was the Special Guest. Due to festive seasons, we had to postpone the venue twice and at the end we could organize it at The Bakery Café. Joint Secretary Mr. Guna Raj Pyakurel performed the role of Master of Ceremony (MC). Including guests and members, we could have 18 participants.

The list of the participants is provided below:

1, Special Guest Mr. Nilambar Badal
2, Guest Ms. Sanjeeta Ghimire
3, Guest Mr. Sachin Koirala
4, Guest Miss Anita Subedi

Honorary Members:
5, Mr. Saroj Ghimire

Executive Members:
6, President Mr. Sujan Koirala
7, Vice President Mr. Shreebatsa Basnyat
8, Secretary Mr. Manohar Sapkota
9, Treasurer Mr. Bal Gopal Shrestha
10, Joint Secretary Mr. Guna Raj Pyakurel
11, Joint Treasurer Mr. Dipendra Dangol
12, Executive Member Mr. Laxman B. Pahari
13, Executive Member Mr. Harihar Sapkota

14, Mr. Bijaya Thapa
15, Mr. Sudan P. Bhandari
16, Mr. Laxman P. Neupane
17, Mr. Debraj Ghimire
18, Mr. Rabindra Neupane

• Without any formality, President Mr. Koirala made a formal announcement of the beginning of the meeting and all members and guests gave a big round of applause.

• In a short welcoming speech, Vice President Mr. Shreebatsa Basnyat cordially welcomed Special Guest Nilambar Badal and other guests, well-wishers and PEN Members in this important meeting. He briefly stated the major tasks of this AGM. He expected an active and meaningful participation from all participants to complete these tasks and wished for a success of the AGM.

• Treasurer Mr. Bal Gopal Shrestha presented Audit Report and Financial Reports of Fiscal Year 2010/11. He presented the balance sheet of Rs. Rs. 37,018.58 as at July 16, 2011.

Similarly, Mr. Shrestha presented the Income/Expenditure Statement of FY 2010/11. The statement revealed that the total income and total expenditure were Rs. 382,294.55 and Rs. 500,348.67 respectively. The opening bank and cash balance was Rs. 123,174.70 (carrying forwarded from FY 2009/10). The closing cash and bank balance of FY 2010/11 stood Rs. 5120.58.

Further, he presented a proposed budget of Rs. 683,100.00 for the FY 2011/12.

• The floor was open for comment and discussion on these financial statements. The floor unanimously passed Audit Report, Income/Expenditure Statement and Balance Sheet of FY 2010/11 and Proposed Budget for FY 2011/12 respectively with a huge round of applause.

• On behalf of PEN Executive Board, Secretary Mr. Manohar Sapkota presented PEN Annual Report 2010/11. He was very happy to share how PEN is fulfilling its mission of contributing in education and environment in Nepal. He shed lights on the positive outcomes of the educational mission in Kavrepalanchok, cultural exchange between members of PEN and PEJ, PEN and Pax IV Hyper, and many others. He further outlined the major activities carried out by PEN in FY 2010/11.

They were:

July 2010
1, PEN Second Anniversary

August 2010
1, PEN Meets PEJ Second Edition

September 2010
1, Evaluation Visit to Educational Project in Kavrepalanchok
2, Visit Management of Pax IV Hyper

October 2010
1, Formal Inauguration of PEN Secretariat and Dashain and Tihar 2067 Greeting Exchange Program

November 2010
1, Blood Donation Program
2, A Workshop on “Environment is our concern!”

December 2010
1, Second Annual General Meeting
2, Japanese Language Class

January 2011
1, Japanese Language Class
2, Education Mission Expanded in Kavrepalanchok

February 2011
1, PEN Toastmasters Vol. 2, No. 1: “Self Introduction”

March 2011
1, Kakani Picnic
2, PEN Holi 2011
3, Visit Management of a Four Members’ Team led-by Mr. Soichiro Yamanaka
4, Visit Management of a Two Members’ Team led-by Mr. Masanobu Ebisawa

May 2011
PEN Toastmasters Vol. 2, No. 2: “Youths and Social Network”

June 2011
1, Educational Materials and Sports Materials Distribution in Kavrepalanchok
2, Study Tour Management of Ms. Yuko Haraguchi and Mr. Sho Hayashi

Beside these activities, PEN had four board meetings and more than ten informal meetings in FY 2010/11.

• The floor was open for comment and discussion on the Annual Report 2010/11. The floor unanimously passed Annual Report 2010/11 with a huge round of applause.

• Then, the time came for awarding Certificates of Honorary Membership. President Sujan Koirala handed Certificate of Honorary Membership to Special Guest and Honorary Member Mr. Nilambar Badal for his outstanding support, cooperation and guidance extended to Pax Earth since its founding. Before handing the certificate, President read its content. Mr. Badal was awarded an Honorary Membership of Pax Earth on December 26, 2009.

• Similarly, Special Guest Mr. Badal handed a Certificate of Honorary Membership as well as Letter of Appointment of Country Representative for Australia to Mr. Saroj Ghimire, a Nepali citizen residing in Australia, for his outstanding support and contribution extended to Pax Earth as well as a strong commitment shown to promote Pax Earth in Australia. Before handing, President Mr. Koirala read the contents of both. Mr. Ghimire was awarded an Honorary Membership as well as appointed as Country Representative for Australia on February 2, 2011.

• Country Representative for Australia Mr. Saroj Ghimire donated NRs. 10,000 to PEN. His brother Mr. Debraj Ghimire handed an envelope with Rs. 10,000 to President Mr. Koirala.

• Speaking at the occasion, Country Representative for Australia Mr. Ghimire shared his happiness among the PEN members and wholeheartedly thanked PEN for awarding him with Honorary Membership and Country Representative. He was grateful to President Sujan Koirala and his brother Debraj Ghimire for motivating and providing a platform to do something for the deprived children of Nepal. He disclosed that he was inspired for doing something for the society after watching an Indian movie “3 Idiots”. He was very delighted to take the responsibility of Country Representative and assured to promote Pax Earth and its activities in Australia. He had shown his strong commitment to enhance his support and cooperation in the days ahead.

• Then, the President Mr. Koirala opened the session for special agenda. With the consent of President, MC Mr. Guna Raj Pyakurel informed that three persons Mr. Sachin Koirala, Mr. Rajan Dulal and Miss Anita Subedi have fulfilled all the criteria for becoming a member of PEN. Then, as a formal procedure, Member Mr. Laxman P. Neupane proposed the floor to give a formal membership of PEN to Mr. Sachin Koirala. His proposal was formally seconded by Member Mr. Bijaya Thapa. Similarly, Treasurer Mr. Bal Gopal Shrestha proposed to give a formal membership of PEN to Miss Anita Subedi. Vice President Mr. Shreebatsa Basnyat seconded Mr. Shrestha’s proposal. Similarly, Board Member Harihar Sapkota proposed to give a formal membership of PEN to Mr. Rajan Dulal. Board Member Mr. Laxman B. Pahari seconded Mr. Sapkota’s proposal. Memberships of all three new members were approved by the floor with a loud cheer.

• Special Guest and Honorary Member Mr. Nilambar Badal congratulated PEN for successfully holding “Third Annual General Meeting”. As always, Mr. Badal admired the team work of Pax Earth for bringing PEN to a very respectful state. He hailed each individual’s unique strength and ability. He wholeheartedly appreciated the educational and environmental activities carried out in Kavrepalanchok and the positive results brought by these activities. He further stressed for the continuity of these activities; and if possible, to extend and expand to other nearby communities as well. In his concluding remark, he said, “I am very happy to be a part of this organisation and committed to extend all possible supports and cooperation even in a larger extend in the days ahead and I look forward to more glories of the organisation.”

• On behalf of PEN, President Mr. Sujan Koirala extended Vote of Thanks. He thanked Special Guest and Honorary Membership Mr. Nilambar Badal for giving his valuable time out of his very busy schedule. He was equally thankful to all guests, PEN Board Members and General Members for successfully holding this AGM.

Mr. Koirala thanked Treasurer Mr. Shrestha and Secretary Mr. Sapkota for their respective reports and thanked all members for passing these important reports and achievements of PEN in FY 2010/11. He congratulated all three new PEN members and wished for an active support and cooperation in the days ahead.

Mr. Koirala was quite happy with the way how Pax Earth has been contributing in education and environment of Nepal. He was very happy with the outcome of Pax Earth’s educational and environmental mission in Kavrepalanchok which have been contributing more than 130 poor and deprived children, 10 teachers and the schools for the past two years. Similarly, “Cultural Exchange” between the members of PEN, PEJ and Pax IV Hyper has further flourished in FY 2010/11.

Mr. Koirala extended a sincere gratitude to all those who directly and indirectly helped, contributed and supported in bringing the organisation to this respectful state. He extended his heartfelt thank to Dr. Soko Aoki, President of PEJ and admired his role. Mr. Koirala stated, “Without Soko-san’s sincere effort, support, and cooperation, we could neither think of founding Pax Earth nor implement its plan and programs.” He was grateful to PEJ and Pax IV Hyper members. He sincerely thanked Shoyu Club for sponsoring the activities of Pax Earth in Nepal and Japan.

Mr. Koirala owed a debt of gratitude to advisors Dr. Ganesh Gurung and Prof. Dr. Hari Prasad Shrestha for their valuable guidance and cooperation. He was very happy with the way Mr. Saroj Ghimire has been supporting PEN and hope he will continue to extend his support in the days and years ahead.

Once again, Mr. Koirala thanked Honorary Member Nilambar Badal for his great support and cooperation extended to Pax Earth since its founding. He was also thankful to Honorary Members: Fuji Hotel, Mr. Kapil Koirala and Mr. Nagendra Shakya.

Mr. Koirala highly appreciated the role played by members of PEN specially Secretary Mr. Sapkota, Treasurer Mr. Shrestha, Vice President Mr. Basnyat, Joint Secretary Mr. Pyakurel, Joint Treasurer Mr. Dangol, Board Members: Mr. Pahari, Mr. Mainali and Mr. Sapkota, and Founder Member Mr. Prem Shah. “Without their strong commitment, support and cooperation, even a single activity would not have been possible,” claimed Mr. Koirala. He also thanked general members for their active support and sincere cooperation.

Mr. Koirala congratulated the members of Third AGM Organising Committee for successfully holding the AGM. He appreciated Master of Ceremony Mr. Guna Raj Pyakurel for flawlessly coordinating the AGM.

In his concluding remark, Mr. Koirala said, “There is much to do and much to achieve and without sincere commitment and strong team effort it is not possible. Hence, unity and collective effort among PEN members are inevitable in achieving more social glories and I am hopeful that with our collective effort, FY 2011/12 will set another milestone in Pax Earth’s mission.”

• After his Vote of Thanks, President Mr. Koirala formally adjourned the Third AGM.

• The members had toasts for the achievements made by PEN so far and wished for another great fiscal year. Dinner was offered after the meeting.

Reported by PEN Secretariat!!!