Pax Earth Nepal’s 11th Board Meeting

(October 30, 2010)

The 11th Board Meeting of Pax Earth Nepal held on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at its Secretariat Umakunda, Kathmandu during 17.00hrs to 19.00hrs. It was the first occasion the board meeting was held in the Secretariat. The meeting was chaired by President Sujan Koirala.

The meeting discussed on the following agendas and took the decisions accordingly.

Agendas for the discussion

1, Review of Manohar Sapkota, Bal Gopal Shrestha and Shreebatsa Basnyat’s Japan visit
2, Review of Pax IV Hyper visit
3, 2nd Annual General Meeting of PEN
4, Miscellaneous

1, The board asked Manohar, Bal Gopal and Shreebatsa’s to share the experience that they had in Japan. They were very happy with their presentations at joint meeting between PEJ and PEN, and at Shoyu Club. They were quite delighted as Shoyu Club’s President and Executives gave much attention to their speech, appreciated Kavrepalanchok’s educational project and liked the souvenirs and photos presented by PEN. They are confident that this visit has further boosted the relationship, understanding and the cooperation between PEJ and PEN, Pax IV and PEN and Shoyu Club and Pax Earth (Nepal and Japan). So, it is very successful visit. Every board member enjoyed their experience. There was non-stop laughing while they were sharing their memories and experiences of Japan as well as of India. After the review, the board made a conclusion that the visit was successful.

2, The board also reviewed Pax IV Hyper’s visit to Nepal. This time, eleven members Pax IV Hyper team visited Nepal primarily to have collaborative projects with Kantipur Open Rover Crew. Secondarily, they have asked for the support of PEN to utilize their leisure time meaningfully. In order to utilize their leisure time properly and equally giving attention to their interest, PEN took them to Kavrepalanchok for the inspection of educational project as well as to Chitwan National Park for elephant riding and canoeing. Besides, PEN also helped them explore major religious and cultural heritages of Kathmandu valley. Taking the reference of evaluation meeting held between Pax IV Hyper and PEN on September 15 as well as opinions received from Shreebatsa, the board made a conclusion that the Pax IV Hyper visit to Nepal was also successful. They could do all their planned collaborative activities with Kantipur Open Rover Crew effectively and also utilized the leisure time meaningfully.

3, The board made a decision to hold PEN 2nd Annual General Meeting in the end of November 2010. For this, an “AGM Organising Committee” consists of all board members has been formed. The committee is responsible for all necessary tasks.

4, Miscellaneous:

a, The board made a decision to organise an environmental workshop at Shree Bal Byabasai Kendra Secondary School in November 2010 (after long vacation of Dashain and Tihar).

b, The board made a decision to visit Shree Raktakali Primary School, Kavrepalanchok for “educational material distribution” in December 2010.
c, The board agreed to hold a “youth outdoor exposure” in December 2010, if possible.

Since there was no more agenda for discussion, President heartily thanked all members for their active and valuable participation and adjourned the meeting. Including a general member, ten members attended the meeting.