“Formal Inauguration of PEN Secretariat”


“Dashain & Tihar 2067 Greeting Exchange Programme”

(October 14, 2010)

Amid a special function, Pax Earth Nepal (PEN) Secretariat was formally inaugurated on Thursday October 14, 2010. Since the great festival of Dashain has already begun and another great festival Tihar is coming soon, the PEN also wanted to exchange greetings among its members, friends and well-wishers in the same occasion. Thus, the members, friends and well-wishers of Pax Earth gathered at its Secretariat on that day.

Without any formality, President Sujan Koirala announced the formal inauguration of PEN Secretariat at Umakunda, Kathmandu from Thursday October 14, 2010. All persons present on the occasion gave a big round of applause. The programme was organized in the presence of Hon. Member Nilambar Badal, guests including Alok Badal, Dhiraj Sharma, Umesh Acharya as well as board and general members of PEN.

All individuals were asked to deliver their greetings one by one. All present members and guests (including Alok Badal, Dhiraj Sharma, Umesh Acharya) congratulated PEN for opening Secretariat and wished for the bright and better future of PEN. Similarly, they wished for good health, happiness, peace, progress and prosperity of each other and their families.

Speaking at the occasion, Bal Gopal Shrestha expressed his happiness that the long awaited dream has been realized after getting this room for Pax Earth. He was hopeful that this Secretariat will be an important platform for the meetings, discussions and conflict solutions if there will be any. He was confident that the Pax Earth will be more effective in its endeavours in the days to come. He wished, “Happy Dashain and Tihar to all friends and members.”

Secretary Manohar Sapkota congratulated all members for getting a suitable room. He appreciated the role of Bal Gopal for finding such an important room. He believed that this is an important step for PEN. He told, “Now onwards, we don’t need to go here and there for the meeting.” He further added, “We will start many important activities here in near future.” He extended hearty greetings to everyone for Dashain and Tihar.

Vice President Shreebatsa Basnyat congratulated PEN members for formally inaugurating the Secretariat. He thanked Bal Gopal for finding a suitable room. He was confident that the Secretariat will enable us to move effectively. He said, “This will give us a platform for interaction, debates and discussions.” He wished for the progress and prosperity of Pax Earth in the days ahead. He wished everybody Happy Dashain and Happy Deepawali.

Hon. Member Nilambar Badal congratulated PEN for formally inaugurating its Secretariat. He believed that the Secretariat will open avenues for many activities. He hoped that PEN will utilize its Secretariat in productive ways in the days ahead. He wished for the success of PEN in the days to come. He wished Happy Dashain and Prosperous Tihar and hoped Mata Bhawani and Mata Laxmi keep everybody happy, healthy and cheerful.

President Sujan Koirala was really overwhelmed with the formal inauguration of PEN Secretariat. He congratulated all PEN members for opening Secretariat formally. He praised the role of Bal Gopal in finding such a suitable room for PEN Secretariat. He strongly believed that PEN will flourish utilizing the Secretariat. He added, “This is home for all members and friends of PEN.” He was confident that the interaction and discussions among the members will be enhanced in the days ahead. “We will begin many attractive activities here very soon,” he added. He wished everyone Happy Dashain and Prosperous Tihar. He further hoped that Mata Durga Bhawani and Mata Laxmi bless all with good health, happiness, peace, progress and prosperity.

Including sixteen PEN members thirty persons attended the programme. Snacks and cold drinks were served at the end.