Pax IV Hyper in Nepal

(August 29, 2010 – September 15, 2010)

Eleven members Pax IV Hyper team led by Mr. Yohei Ueda visited Nepal from August 29, 2010 to September 15, 2010. The other members of the team were Seika Kondo, Toshiki Tamagawa, Takahiro Yazaki, Masanobu Ebisawa, Shuho Ohkusa, Yusuke Muramatsu, Tatsuya Sakabe, Yuma Wakahara, Keisuke Uchida and Ruriko Kimoto. Main purpose of the visit was to involve in some collaborative activities with Kantipur Open Rover Crew (KORC: a rover scout unit of Nepal Scouts). Pax Earth Nepal was responsible for making the best use of their spare time.

The team landed in Kathmandu at late night on August 29. On behalf of PEN, President Sujan Koirala warmly welcomed them at Fuji Hotel on August 30/morning. He also wished Pax IV Hyper team a happy, pleasant and meaningful stay in Nepal. He further extended good wishes for the success of collaborative projects with KORC. In the meeting, Pax IV team revealed the interest of inspecting the functioning of Kavrepalanchok educational project and experiencing jungle safari and canoeing in Chitwan. They sought the support of PEN for both the programmes. Meeting concluded with a decision of holding a joint meeting between PEN and Pax IV on September 1.

In the morning of September 1, the joint meeting between Pax IV Hyper and PEN held at Fuji Hotel. The meeting was attended by nearly eighteen members. Both the teams agreed to visit Kavrepalanchok and Chitwan on September 9 and during September 11-13 respectively. Similarly, both the teams agreed to jointly utilize September 1, 4 and 10 in exploring some important places of Kathmandu valley as they have these days off from the projects.

Taking a special time during the meeting, Debraj Ghimire, a PEN member, revealed an admirable information that his brother Saroj Ghimire (who is also a PEN member), sister-in-law Khushboo Giri Ghimire and brother’s friends Manish Maharjan and Urmila Maharjan have personally donated rupees ten thousand to PEN. All these four guys are currently residing in Australia. Debraj handed a cheque of rupees ten thousand which was jointly received by President Sujan Koirala and Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha. Overwhelmed Sujan heartily thanked all four friends and assured to use the funds in PEN’s educational project in Kavrepalanchok. Every member applauded for their generous contribution. All together nine members from PEN and almost all members from Pax IV attended the meeting.

In the afternoon, a PEN team consisted of Bal Gopal, Shreebatsa Basnyat, Harihar Sapkota, Guna Raj Pyakurel, Laxman B. Pahari and Bijaya Thapa took them to Budhanilkhantha and ISKCON temple (a temple dedicated to Lord Shree Krishna). In this visit, except Yohei, Shuho and Yusuke, all Japanese members joined. The day was happened to be the birthday of Lord Shree Krishna. That’s why they could see thousands of devotees at the temple. They could also see the scouts who were offering voluntary services in managing queue.

On September 4, Laxman B. Pahari and Harihar Sapkota took Seika, Masanobu, Yuma, Tatsuya, Takahiro and Yusuke to two world heritage sites of Kathmandu valley: Boudhanath and Pashupatinath. Besides exploring the stupa and temple, they could see many monkeys and dears conserved in Shleshmantak Jungle.

On September 5, PEN team went to meet Pax IV team at Fuji Hotel as Tatsuya was leaving for Japan the same night. On behalf of PEN, Manohar presented him a souvenir and wished a happy journey back to Japan.

On September 9/morning, members from both Pax IV Hyper and PEN gathered at Mitrapark Café for Kavrepalanchok trip. After having a cup of tea, the joint team headed for Shree Raktakali Primary School (SRPS) in Kavrepalanchok to inspect the functioning of educational project. Altogether 19 members consisted of Sujan, Manohar, Bal Gopal, Shreebatsa, Harihar, Binod P. Mainali, Debraj Ghimire, Sachin Koirala, Kapil Koirala and Dhiraj Sharma (representing PEN) and Seika Kondo, Toshiki Tamagawa, Takahiro Yazaki, Masanobu Ebisawa, Shuho Ohkusa, Yusuke Muramatsu, Yuma Wakahara, Keisuke Uchida and Ruriko Kimoto (from Pax IV Hyper) left for the mission. The team took the lunch on the way called Dhulikhel. Although the joint team had to pass through some damaged roads caused by heavy rain falls of few days ago, they were not sure whether the bus they had rented could reach the destination. After passing Bhakunde, our bus could not pass through the damaged way. The team had to leave that bus and entered into another difficult traveling via a German truck. Helping improve the damage roads in several places, the joint team could reach school in the afternoon. As there was uncertainty of getting any vehicle to be back to the place where they left the bus, they had no choice than to shorten the programme. The programme was mainly focused on inspecting and monitoring of the usage of the school materials that Pax Earth distributed in June 2010. The joint team members were divided in five groups (every group containing two members) and asked to evaluate the usage of books and other stationery materials in each class. The joint Pax team members were quite happy to see the proper usage of the given materials.

Further, the joint team attempted to explore the level of awareness among the students on health and environment related issues. The team members were quite impressed with the students’ level of awareness. The students were also asked to involve in cleaning their respective classroom and also the school premise. The students collected the waste in very short period. As they did not have enough time, they could not show the management of the garbage. Therefore, the joint team handed the garbage to the school authority giving proper instruction of managing the wastes. The school staffs offered us tea and biscuits. After saying good bye to the teachers and students at 4.15pm, the joint team headed for the place where they had left the bus before.

Since Sujan’s grandfather’s home was near to the school, the joint team spent little time drinking water, eating some cucumbers and corn there. They even tried to search a vehicle to take them back to the bus. But they could not succeed and started walking. They wanted to spend few moments in Binod’s home which is situated at Kanpur. While they were at Binod’s home, the students of Shree Kalika Primary School came one after another and wanted them to take in the school. The joint team didn’t want to disappoint them and made a small visit to the school. The condition of the school was really poor and the students were also underprivileged. There were nearly 40 students from grade one to grade three. The school authority asked if PEN could do anything for the school and students. PEN team replied if they will be able to manage fund in future, they would be very happy to help. It was already 6.30pm while the team left from Shree Kalika Primary School. In altogether three hours of walking, they could reach to the bus. The bus driver and staff were curiously waiting for them. Then, they headed for Kathmandu. They all had dinner at Dhulikhel. After dinner, the bus headed for Kathmandu. Right after reaching Kathmandu, the bus left Pax IV Hyper members at Thamel and then PEN members one by one. Everyone was very tired that night. Because of the tiredness, the Pax IV Hyper members took whole day rest the next day.

All ten Pax IV Hyper members and four PEN members (Sujan, Bal Gopal, Harihar and Thapa) visited Chitwan during September 11 to September 13. In this three days visit, the joint team could enjoy jungle safari, elephant riding, canoeing, jeep safari, cart riding, sunset and Tharu Cultural shows. Besides, the joint team explored Tharu Museum, Elephant Breeding Centre and Wildlife Display and Information Centre The team stayed at Chitwan Riverside Resort. The service of the resort was excellent. Each member could get the meal in his/her choice. Hearty thanks to coordinator Bijaya who could manage such a wonderful customize service in a very cheap price at the resort.

On September 15, the evaluation meeting was held at Fuji Hotel. The meeting was attended by six members from PEN (Sujan, Manohar, Shreebatsa, Harihar, Bijaya and Laxman) and all ten members from Pax IV Hyper. As per the opinion expressed by the members, the visit was quite successful in terms of collaboration with KORC. With the sincere support of the members of KORC, they could jointly complete their entire scheduled programme effectively. On behalf of KORC, Santosh Pudasaini coordinated entire collaborative programmes. This year, the collaboration between KORC and Pax IV Hyper mainly centered on environmental lecture, water investigation, health lecture, first aid lecture, picking up garbage, installation of incinerator and educating its proper usage and installation of composters. All these programmes were organized in Kanti Ishwori Sishu Vidhyalaya. Besides, they also made a flower bed in the school premise with a view to utilize the fertilizers that would come from the composters and the ash of the incinerator. Pax IV team also experienced home-stay at the home of KORC members.

PEN appreciated the role played by the members of KORC. PEN team advised Pax IV Hyper to extend their activities in community/government schools as well in future. PEN team is happy to see the build-up relationship, cooperation and understanding between at junior level. At the end of the meeting, PEN team handed a souvenir to each Pax IV Hyper member.

The Pax IV Hyper members were leaving for Japan in the same night. It was not possible for all PEN members to go to the airport and bid farewell. Thus, the PEN team members present at the evaluation meeting including PEN President Sujan Koirala and Secretary Manohar Sapkota offered them farewell and wished for a safe and nice journey back to Japan from Fuji Hotel.