Pax Earth, a recently established NGO, successfully completed its very first outdoor youth camp at Nepal Scouts, National Training Camp, Sundarijal on September 19th to 21st, 2008. This 2 nights and 3 days camp formed a platform for each and every participant to get close, form a team, enjoy and learn. Altogether 22 persons participated on the camp. Everyone enjoyed the camp with great enthusiasm and active participation. We could not complete all the activities due to continual raining and load-shedding. We did the following activities:


Day 1: Friday September 19, 2008:
1, Opening Ceremony
2, Ice-breaking activities including International Toast Master
3, Presence of mind testing/IQs
4, Session on “How to be a good speaker?”

Day 2: Saturday September 20, 2008:
1, Yoga and Meditation
2, Session on “How to conduct a meeting successfully?”
3, Session on Communication, Team building, Leadership, Decision Making and Personality Development
4, Practical Exercise on the above sessions: the games like: raising team performance, toxic waste, don’t loose your team mates, all aboard, elimination game, trust sleep and know your leader were conducted.
5, Presentation on “Youth Development and Challenges”
6, Bingo – a fun
7, Singing in a group

Day 3: September 21, 2008
1, Congregation
2, Closing Ceremony


Each Individual had chance to share and learn several good matters in several sessions and activities. Team games such as Toxic waste, human knot, 7up, Trust fall, Raising team performance and sessions on How to be a good speaker, Personality Development, Team Building, etc. boosted up the mental circumference. Being a member of pax earth, warm up camp organizing committee, we experienced our strengths and weaknesses during the camp period. We experienced the strength of team building activities, the strength and opportunities of being involved in team and organizational difficulties as well.


Last but not the least, the feedback of each member is highly inspiring. They have the opinion that such camp should be organised frequently. We are totally motivated and encouraged to organise such camp in the days to come. In order to evaluate the warm up camp, we had provided each participant an evaluation sheet and required them to rank each activity: 1 to 5 (5: poor; 4: satisfactory; 3: good; 2: very good; 1: excellent). The overall camp’s ranking is 2.26. It reveals that the warm up camp is in between good and very good rank. Since this was our first attempt, the outcome is sensational.

We will organise the certificate distribution ceremony after our great festival Dashain (which begins tomorrow 30 September and last till 14 October). This will be an opportunity for all the members to be more close.

Reported by Warm-up Camp Organising Committee