The 6th Board Meeting of Pax Earth Nepal held on Saturday 19th December 2009 at the residence of Secretary Manohar Sapkota, Kumarigal, Kathmandu from 2.00PM to 4.00PM. The meeting was chaired by President Mr. Sujan Koirala. President warmly welcomed an invited member and Board Members. The meeting started with sharing of information including appointment of President Sujan Koirala as the first paid staff of Pax Earth; submission of year 2010 plan and budget to Pax Earth Japan; Kadinche Tour to Nepal and others.

The meeting was mainly focused on the following issues and decisions were taken accordingly.

1, Annual General Meeting

Following the decision of informal meeting held on 3rd December 2009, the Board unanimously agreed to hold 1st Annual General Meeting of Pax Earth Nepal on 26th December 2009 at Fuji Hotel, Thamel, Kathmandu from 2PM to 4PM. In order to effectively organize the 1st AGM, a working committee has been formed which includes the following members:

  • Board Member Binod Prasad Mainali Committee Chairman
  • President Sujan Koirala Committee Member
  • Vice President Shreebatsa Basnyat Committee Member
  • Secretary Manohar Sapkota Committee Member
  • Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha Committee Member

The Board has passed the budget of Rs. 7000.00 for holding the AGM.

2, Appointment of President Sujan Koirala as a paid staff

The Board unanimously seconded the decision of Pax Earth Japan to appoint President Sujan Koirala as the first paid staff of Pax Earth. His appointment has been effective from November 2009.

3, Kadinche Tour to Nepal

President Mr. Koirala informed Board about the Kadinche Tour to Nepal. He briefed about the objectives and timing of the visit. Altogether four members will be visiting Nepal during 4th Feb. to 11th Feb. 2010 (except 7th to 11th as they will be visiting Bhutan during this period). A visit management committee has been formed so as to make the visit valuable and effective. The committee  includes the following members:

  • President Sujan Koirala: Committee Chairman
  • Vice President Shreebatsa Basnyat: Committee Member
  • Secretary Manohar Sapkota: Committee Member
  • Joint Secretary Guna Raj Pyakurel: Committee Member
  • Board Member Harihar Sapkota: Committee Member

4, New Membership

The Board decided to give the general membership of Pax Earth Nepal to eleven individuals completing all the necessary formalities of a new member. The following persons have been awarded the membership of PEN:

1, Mr. Laxman Prasad Neupane, 2, Mr. Sudan Bhandari, 3, Mr. Bijaya Thapa, 4, Miss Rojee Munakarmi, 5, Miss Rina Manandhar, 6, Miss Shanta Dahal, 7, Mr. Debraj Ghimire 8, Mr. Arun Khadka, 9, Mr. Prabhakar Acharya, 10, Mr. Rabindra Neupane, 11, Mr. Sudarsan Risal

The Board decided to present a Token of Love to all new members as recognition of becoming PEN valuable member on the special occasion of 1st AGM.

5, Miscellaneous:

a, Picnic: The Board made a decision to organize the picnic of PEN in the month of January 2010. The Board unanimously agreed to give the responsibility of coordinator and joint coordinator to Laxman Prasad Neupane and Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha respectively.

b, Renewal of PEN: The Board made a decision to renew PEN at the respective authorities of Government of Nepal right after the completion of 1st AGM.

c, PEN ID Card: The Board decided to prepare an ID Card of PEN for all Board Members. The ID Cards will be distributed before the 1st AGM of PEN. Vice President Mr. Basnyat has been given the task of preparing the ID Card. Accepting the suggestion of member Sudan Bhandari, the Board unanimously agreed to prepare the uniform card for all the general members.

d, Financial Motivation: Considering the time and efforts that have been devoted by PEN Board Members, the Board unanimously agreed to give some financial incentives to the PEN members as a motivation for their efforts in future.

e, Social Business Model: As proposed by President Mr. Koirala, the Board members will come with an individual social business model in the next Board Meeting. This will be a homework for the PEN members for the comprehensive discussion between PEJ and PEN members scheduled for February 2010.

President thanked all Board members for their active and meaningful participation and adjourned the meeting. Nine members (including an invited member and eight board members) attended the meeting. The members enjoyed beaten rice and spices at the end of the meeting.

Members Present at the meeting:

President Mr. Sujan Koirala; Vice President Mr. Shreebatsa Basnyat; Secretary Mr. Manohar Sapkota; Treasurer Mr. Bal Gopal Shrestha; Joint Secretary Mr. Guna Raj Pyakurel; Board Member Mr. Laxman Bahadur Pahari; Board Member Mr. Binod Prasad Mainali; Board Member Mr. Harihar Sapkota and invited Member Mr. Sudan Bhandari.