As a continuation of monthly Toastmasters (TM), Pax Earth Nepal conducted 6th Edition of Pax Earth Toastmasters on Saturday 22nd August 2009 at Mrigasthali, Pashupati, Kathmandu. The venue was enriched with true natural environment: trees, bushes and greenery. We could focus on the programme thoroughly in spite of minor disturbances created by the clashes among the monkeys several times during the programme. The TM was conducted during 16.30hr to 17.30hr.

The TM formally began with the welcome speech by President Mr. Sujan Koirala. He warmly welcomed guests Mr. Ram Sharan Poudyal, Mr. Sanobabu Acharya, Mr. Rabindra Neupane and Mr. Prabin Sherpa, and PEN members. Mr. Koirala also introduced Toastmasters of the Day Mr. Manohar Sapkota. Mr. Sapkota was also performing the role of Table Topic Master.

TM Mr. Sapkota took control over the programme with the consent of President Mr. Koirala. He revealed that the theme of the day was “Public Speaking.” He briefed about the rules and procedures as some of the participants were new and even some members still had some confusion. Then, he introduced the members of evaluation committee. Mr. Shreebatsa Basnyat, Mr. Harihar Sapkota and President Mr. Koirala were given the responsibility of General Evaluator, Timer and Speech Evaluator respectively. Due to the absence of some core members at the last hour, we had to omit roles of Ah Counter and Grammarian.

TM Mr. Sapkota then introduced manual speakers Mr. Bal Gopal Shrestha and Mr. Binod Prasad Mainali. The topic of the manual speech was “How to be a Good Speaker.” Both were given 6 minutes each to deliver their speeches. Both of them put well-built points on the stated topic. They presented broad dimension of a good speaker. Both the speakers utilized the given time effectively. Their presentation reflected proper preparation and depth knowledge on the subject matter. The use of right notes, originality, art of articulation and postures were more than sufficient to capture audience attention.

After the manual speaking session, Table Topic Master Mr. Sapkota introduced table topic speakers Mr. Sanobabu Acharya, Mr. Ram Sharan Poudyal, Mr. Prabin Sherpa and Mr. Rabindra Neupane respectively. Mr. Acharya, Mr. Poudyal, Mr. Sherpa and Mr. Neupane were given the spot topics “Mass Anxiety”, “Selection of Topic for Meaningful Speech”, “Quality of a good speaker,” and “Sense of Humour” respectively. Though the topics were given at the spot, all four speakers could express their original views despite some minor weaknesses. The audience were carefully and interesting listening their speeches. All four members utilized their 3 minutes time properly.

After Table Topic Session, TM Mr. Sapkota called for the reports from the evaluators. First of all Timer Mr. Harihar Sapkota presented his report. This time, all six speakers could utilize the time properly. Speech Evaluator Mr. Koirala stated the strong and weak points of each speaker. He further suggested ways to improve their speeches and delivery skills. General Commentator Mr. Basnyat commented on the several dimensions of the manual speakers and tabletopic speakers, meeting environment and the TM programme as a whole. He is very happy with the progress on each speaker in these 6 editions.

After the reporting from the evaluation committee, the audiences gave a big round of applause for all six speakers as priceless rewards. At the end of the session, TM returned the control of the program to President Mr. Koirala.

President Mr. Koirala requested the guests to say a few words on today’s Toastmasters. They thanked PEN for inviting them as guests and were very happy to see the progress in the speakers.

Mr. Koirala stated that each speaker possesses potential in becoming a good speaker but they need to continue participation in Toastmasters Programme. Mr. Koirala was quite delighted with the progress and standard of Pax Earth Toastmasters and revealed that the objectives of conducting Toastmasters are slowly achieving. He thanked the speakers, guests and audiences for their active participation. He also congratulated TM Mr. Sapkota and Mr. Basnyat who jointly designed the Toastmasters of the day.

President Mr. Koirala formally concluded the programme with a remarkable note: “KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE is a must not only in effectively delivering the speech, selection of notes, use of articulation and postures but also in capturing the attention of audience. ”

August 22, 2009, PEN, Kathmandu

Participants of the day:
From PEN: Sujan Koirala, Shreebatsa Basnyat, Manohar Sapkota, Balgopal Shrestha, Binod Prasad Mainali and Harihar Sapkota.
Guests: Rabindra Neupane, Sanobabu Acharya, Ram Sharan Poudyal and Prabin Sherpa.