The 5th Executive Committee meeting of Pax Earth Nepal (PEN) was called to order by President Mr. Sujan Koirala at 5:00pm on Wednesday April 9, 2014 at the Secretariat, Pashupati, Kathmandu. The meeting, attended by the following executives, discussed on key agendas and made the decision accordingly.

  1. Mr. Sujan Koirala – President
  2. Mr. Binod P. Mainali – Secretary
  3. Mr. Bal Gopal Shrestha – Treasurer
  4. Ms. Kamala Basnet – Executive Member
  5. Mr. Laxman B. Pahari – Executive Member
  6. Mr. Manohar Sapkota – Former Secretary

1_Secretary Binod P. Mainali and President Sujan Koirala

2_Executive Members Kamala Basnet and Laxman Pahari
The agendas and decisions are follows:

Agenda No. 1: Organising 5th Annual General Meeting
Decision: After the meaningful discussion, the Executive Committee made a unanimous decision to hold 5th Annual General Meeting of the organisation on Friday April 18, 2014. The Executive Committee also made a decision to form a 5-member organising committee comprised of the following members and extended full authority to organise it.

  1. Secretary Mr. Binod P. Mainali – Coordinator
  2. Treasurer Mr. Bal Gopal Shrestha – Member
  3. Executive Member Ms. Kamala Basnet – Member
  4. Executive Member Mr. Laxman B. Pahari – Member
  5. Former Secretary Mr. Manohar Sapkota – Member

3_Former Secretary Manohar Sapkota
Agenda No. 2: Approving “Membership Regulation 2014”
Decision: After the comprehensive and meaningful review of all the contents of “Membership Regulation 2014”, the Executive Committee made a unanimous decision to approve it and present it at 5th Annual General Meeting for the final approval. The Executive Committee agreed to executive it after getting the approval from the 5th Annual General Meeting.
4_President Sujan Koirala and Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha
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