The Board Meeting of Pax Earth Nepal was held on Saturday December 20, 2008 at Mrigasthali Café, Pashupati, Kathmandu at 8.30am. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Sujan Koirala, President, of PEN. President Mr. Koirala welcomed 8 Board Members. Mr. Manohar Sapkota, Secretary, read the minute of the last meeting of Pax Earth held on November 22, 2008 which was passed by all the members.

President was very happy to inform the Board of receiving Permanent Account Number (PAN) of Pax Earth as the temporary PAN had expired. This will be helpful for opening a bank account of Pax Earth. President Mr. Koirala and Secretary Mr. Sapkota shared the Board members about their field visit to Kot Timal and activities that were observed during the visit.

The meeting made the following decisions:

A. Winter camp
The Board members agreed to organize a Winter Camp under joint collaboration with Make a Wish Foundation, Nepal and Xavier International Academy in the 2nd week of January 2009. The Board further decided to appoint Mr. Shreebatsa Basnyat, Vice President, as coordinator from Pax Earth for this event.

B. 2nd Youth Leadership Development Camp
The Board agreed to organize 2nd Youth Leadership Development Camp during our ‘Holi’ festival (the festival of colour and water). This year the Holi is on March 11, 2009. The Board further agreed to hold comprehensive discussion on this event in upcoming meetings.

C. Financial Support from Funding Agency in Japan
The Board Members were happy to know the possible support of $200 per month from a funding agency  in Japan. After comprehensive discussion on its usage, the Board decided to use the fund in the following activities:
a, Environmental workshop in schools
b, Debate, discussion and drawing competition in different schools
c, Field visit
d, Collection and Distribution of educational materials
e, Support for youth leadership development camp
f, Support for organizing free health check-up camps
f, Documentary making, and
g, Stipends for resource persons

The Board decided to open a bank account in a commercial bank in the name of Pax Earth in the near future.

D. Possible Project at Kot Timal
Every member could learn from the field visit of Mr. Koirala, Mr. Basnyat and Mr. Sapkota that the drinking water problem is severe in Kot Timal. There are some water sources which can be materialized and turned into a good water project which will help lessen the immediate water problem. Hence, the Board agreed to prepare a project proposal, send the same to PEJ and request PEJ to put it on the website of Pax Earth for possible funding. The responsibility of preparing a proposal for the same has been given to Mr. Manohar Sapkota, Secretary. Similarly, the Board agreed to prepare a documentary and a report of the field visit. Mr. Koirala will prepare the report while Mr. Basnyat will prepare a video-documentary of visit to Kot Timal.

E. Passing of Expenses incurred in warm-up camp and certificate distribution ceremony
The Board unanimously passed the income/expenses of i, warm up camp and ii, certificate distribution ceremony.

F. Initial General Meeting

The Board unanimously agreed to hold Pax Earth Nepal’s Initial General Meeting on 10th January 2009. As per the requirement, PEN will hold meetings for the preparation of IGM.

G. Regular Board Meeting
The Board decided to hold the Board Meeting of PEN at least once a month so as to increase effectiveness and maintain regularity.

H. Running International Toast Master Programme
Every Board Member has the opinion that the Toastmasters Learning Experience is an essential event for enhancing speaking and communicating abilities, leadership skills and personality development, the Board decided to run International Toastmaster programme once a month. The Board agreed to coordinate with nearby schools for the hall/room so as to conduct Toastmaster programme.

I. Preparing code of conduct

Since code of conduct serves as a basic guidelines in any organization. Thus, the Board agreed to prepare a code of conduct of Pax Earth Nepal. The Board agreed to give the responsibility of drafting the code of conduct to Mr. Binod Prasad Mainali, Board Member. Mr. Mainali will present the draft in the next meeting.

President thanked all the members present for their active participation and adjourned the meeting. The meeting was last till 10.30am.