Pax Earth Nepal celebrated its 4th Anniversary amid a grand function at The Bakery Café on Saturday July 20, 2012. Including members, probable members and well-wishers, 28 persons attended the celebration.
1_4th Anniversary Cake

Vice President Shreebatsa Basnyat cordially welcomed all the guests, members and probable members on behalf of PEN. He stated that PEN is now matured enough to successfully carrying out its missions. He further wished for a marvelous anniversary celebration.
2_Welcome address of Shreebatsa

Coordinator of the program, Secretary Binod P. Mainali invited each individual present on the occasion to give a brief introduction along with his/her anniversary greetings. One by one, Kapil Koirala, Dev Raj Karki, Dipendra Dangol, Debraj Ghimire, Saroj Ghimire (Country Representative for Australia), Nilambar Badal (Honorary Member), Jamuna Siwakoti, Kamala Basnet, Laxman B. Pahari, Sumit Shrestha, Rojan Shrestha, Harihar Sapkota, Sudan P. Bhandari and Guna Raj Pyakurel congratulated PEN for successfully completing four years and wished for the progress, prosperity and long life of Pax Earth. Similarly, Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha and Secretary Binod P. Mainali respectively shared their happiness for being able to celebrate 4th Anniversary. They extended their gratitude to all members for their contribution in bringing Pax Earth where it is today. They wished for even more progress and prosperity of Pax Earth in the year ahead and cheered for “LONG LIFE OF PAX EARTH”.
3_Greetings from Saroj Ghimire, Country Representative of Australia

Before expressing his greetings and extending vote of thanks, President Sujan Koirala read the anniversary messages received from Dr. Soko Aoki (President of PEJ), Manohar Sapkota (Former Secretary now is Salyan), Prem Shah (Country Representative for Finland), Polly Hargreaves (Honorary Member/UK), Bijaya Thapa (Country Representative for USA), Uday Banskota (Country Representative for Sweden), Fuji Hotel (Honorary Member), and Ramesh Gautam (Honorary Member now in Bahrain). He felt so happy to receive so many messages from the friends around the globe. Though they are miles away, their messages clearly depicted that their emotions are with us. [Note: Each individual message is provided at the end of this report.]
4_Greetings from Honorary Member Nilambar Badal

President Sujan Koirala warmly thanked all the members, probable members and well-wishers for their presence. He was very happy to share the achievements of these four years among the members and well-wishers. He claimed, “Where Pax Earth is today is just because of the outcome of a strong team-work and valuable support of each and every member particularly the board.” He highly praised Secretary Binod P. Mainali, Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha, Vice President Shreebatsa Basnyat, Joint Secretary Guna Raj Pyakurel, Joint Treasurer Dipendra Dangol, Board Members: Laxman B. Pahari and Harihar Sapkota for their active role and outstanding support for last four years. He missed Former Secretary Manohar Sapkota in this great occasion and thanked him for his valuable support. He also thanked chartered and general members individually.
5_PEN Members and Well-wishers

He extended his sincere gratitude to Dr. Soko Aoki, President of PEJ, for his outstanding support and contribution in successfully carrying out Pax Earth’s missions. He admired Honorary Member Nilambar Badal for his guidance, help and support in each and every step of Pax Earth. He also thanked Nilambar Badal for his initiative for English language course which has been running at PEN Secretariat for last three weeks. He took no time in praising PEN Toastmasters Cell for successfully carrying out third edition of PEN Toastmasters. He appreciated Saroj Ghimire (Country Representative for Australia) for his continued support for past three years.
6_Special Address by Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha

He concluded his speech with a note, “United we stand, divided we fail; let’s be together as always and achieve more glories for the Pax Earth in the days to come.”
Then, the time came for cutting the 4th Anniversary cake. This time, the Anniversary Cake was jointly cut by Saroj Ghimire (Country Representative for Australia) and one and only lady member present on the occasion Kamala Basnet. All the participants cheered the moments with an anniversary song. Toast was proposed for the long life of Pax Earth by Treasurer Bal Gopal Shrestha.
8_Cake cutting

Snacks and beverages were served throughout the celebration while dinner was offered at the end. The celebration continued till 10.00PM.

Message from Soko Aoki, Ph.D., President of Pax Earth Japan

Congratulations for the 4th anniversary of Pax Earth Nepal. It is really valuable to continue social organization such as PEN especially with young and motivated local people there.

People in Kavrepalanchok are sure to appreciate all your activities and initiatives. Also the organization is growing many talented young people in Nepali society. Organization, people, and activities are the most important items in our team and let us continue this for a long time.
Best wishes for coming year ahead. Once again congratulations and see you soon again.

Soko Aoki, Ph.D.
President, Pax Earth Japan

Message from Manohar Sapkota, Former Secretary (now in Salyan)
All the best wishes for further success and achievements of the “Pax Earth” Nepal.
Thank you!

Manohar Sapkota

Message from Prem Shah (Country Representative for Finland)

Dear friends,

At first, let me wish Pax Earth many many congratulations on its 4th Anniversary. I will be really missing this auspicious occasion and programme. Convey my love and remembrance to all the Board Members, General Members, Honorary Members and others associated with the organisation.

If there is anything that I can do for Pax Earth, please let me know. I’ll try my level best from the bottom of my heart to fulfill it.

Once again congratulations to Pax Earth. Have a wonderful celebration!
With best regards,

Prem Shah

Message from Honorary Member Polly Hargreaves (United Kingdom)

Hello all at pax earth!
Happy anniversary!!!!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful party to celebrate!
All the work which you do for pax earth is wonderful and I am extremely proud to be a part of it!

I miss you all terribly! You were all so kind and caring in making me feel at home in Nepal and I remember out time together fondly!

Enjoy your evening I wish I was there with you all!

Message from Bijaya Thapa (Country Representative for U.S.A.)

Dear all,

I would like to thank all the board and other members for their selfless contribution for Pax Earth. I congratulate you all for bringing PEN in this respectful position today. What Pax Earth has achieved in these four years is incredible.

I am sure that PEN will attain more successes in the days ahead.

Happy Anniversary and Cheers to all!

Bijaya Thapa

Message from Uday Banskota (Country Representative for Sweden)

Dear Sujan and friends,

I am alright and I know that you guys are doing Great. Truly, it is great what you guys are doing though it is a long way to the top.
Many many congratulations on 4th Anniversary of Pax Earth Nepal.
Keep up the good work and I would like to wish Pax Earth Family, Best of luck in the future.

Uday Banskota

Message from our Honorary Member Fuji Hotel Family
To all the members,

We, Fuji Hotel, congratulate for the celebration of PEN 4th Anniversary.
As we couldn’t participate in this big event, we are extremely sorry.
Do enjoy it.

Fuji Hotel family

Message from Honorary Member Ramesh Gautam (now in Bahrain)

Dear friends,

Let me wish you all Happy 4th Anniversary!

Since the establishment, I have been in touch with Pax Earth directly and indirectly. But due to some obligations, I was unable to provide my time and service to Pax Earth. But today, I feel so proud that I am a part of this respectful organisation. I’m thankful especially to Sujan da, Bali da, Shree da, Guna da, Dipendra da and all PEN members for awarding me an honorary membership.

Many congratulations to Pax Earth for successfully completing 4 years. I, from inner core of my heart, wish all the best for the further progress of Pax Earth.

Long live Pax Earth!

Thank you

Manab Gautam



List of Participants:

Well-wishers: (1) Supendra Raj Bhandari, (2) Amit Vaidya, (3) Kumar Nagarkoti, (4) Rajanee Tamang, (5) Shiva Thapa, (6) Rojan Shrestha, (7) Lava Dulal and (8) Dixant Kachyapati.

PEN Family: (1) Sujan Koirala (President), (2) Shreebatsa Basnyat (Vice President), (3) Binod P. Mainali (Secretary), (4) Bal Gopal Shrestha (Treasurer), (5) Guna Raj Pyakurel (Jt. Secretary), (6) Dipendra Dangol (Jt. Treasurer), (7) Harihar Sapkota (Executive Member), (8) Laxman B. Pahari (Executive Member); General Members: (9) Sudan Bhandari, (10) Debraj Ghimire, (11) Sachin Koirala, (12) Rajan Dulal, (13) Kamala Basnet and (14) Peter Badal; Honorary Member: (15) Nilambar Badal; and Country Representative: (16) Saroj Ghimire (Australia).

PEN Probable Members:

(1) Kapil Deuja, (2) Dev Raj Karki, (3) Jamuna Siwakoti Kachyapati and (4) Sumit Shrestha.

Reported by PEN Secretariat!!!