On the occasion of the Nepalese great festival Tihar(1), the members and friends of Pax Earth involved in the traditional Deusi and Bhailo(2) programme during 29-30 of October 2008. Tihar is also known as “Dipawali”.

Besides singing Deusi and Bhailo, we presented many Nepali folk and pop songs, some Hindi songs and some latest hit numbers. The atmosphere got momentum with exciting dances, lights and fireworks.

We visited some friends, families and neighbours performing the Deusi and Bhailo. They really appreciated the way Pax Earth has been involved in preserving the rich culture and tradition of Nepal. Altogether 13 persons took part in the programme.

PEN (Pax Earth Nepal)
November 01, 2008

(1)Tihar, a five-day festival, is observed in late autumn. The festival has a great importance in Nepal as it not only shows the relationship between human and God but also the relationship between human and animals like crow, dog, ox and cow.

(2) Deusi and Bhailo are the songs which are specially sung on the third and fourth days of Tihar. The houseowners provide money, fruits, sweets, rice and selroti (a special type of bread made with rice flour and sugar) in return.